Youth YouTube sessions

Youth sessions

Instructions to view the Youth sessions

Access Madison Masjed private videos through Google plus and not through youtube.

Step 1: Submit a request to be added to the to the Madison Masjid  circle  

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Note: If you do not have a gmail address, create a google plus account with current non-gmail email.

Step 2: Wait for notification () on Google+ page stating “Madison Masjid has added you to their circles”.

Step 3: Click on link from notification () and add Madison Masjid to one of your circles to receive updates on video uploads.

Step 4: Now you are able to view Madison Masjid’s profile and videos (Under people-Circle); click on a video and it will send you to the YouTube video. In future from google plus, choose people then your circles and click Madison masjid.

Step 5: Enjoy the Saturday Youth Sessions!

Note: You will not be able to watch video from YouTube it’s self, therefore subscribing to the YouTube channel is pointless.